April 19, 2012

#191 ~ Goodtime girl

Hi! Pffff school has got me stressed out. I keep having the feeling it's friday but it isn't and that's sooooo annoying! But I had a fun day though, not too long because Dutch class, or Netherlands class I don't know, was dismissed so we all got home earlier! Which left me some time to do another outfitpost! Which I like! Wearing my new pink scarf today which I ordered together with the red dress from yesterday.

blouse - forever21, shorts - thrifted, belt - from grandpa, scarf - H&M, shoes - omoda, ring - forever21

I love the color of this scarf, so soft and I thought it would make every outfit a more girlier touch, which is what I was going for, so I'm really happy with this. I like the scarf mixed with the print on my blouse. Still one of my favorite items! Oh, and this is one of the shorts I made myself, by cutting the jeans I showed you this weekend. Never had high waisted shorts and I'm SO pleased with them!


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  1. Super cute outfit! Loving your scarf :)
    I love your blog and now I'm following! Maybe you'll have time to visit my blog :)
    annchica ♥



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