September 27, 2012


I took a step today. Instead of taking pictures in our backyard where nobody could see me, I went outside. I'm sick of our garden as the background, I want more variety. So I went to the park near my house, and seeked a spot that was slightly hidden, still not so exposed. I quite like these pictures, but I'm still figuring out my camera. Luckily I'm in an awesome school and I have photography class.

Oh, and about the outfit! I'm wearing all things I didn't wear before. The top is from New York, it's so silky! The cardigan is an old from my mum and the treggings are from H&M. I'm sooo into treggings and leggins as pants right now, they keep me warm!
cardigan - mom, top - century21, treggings - H&M, shoes - omodo


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