December 4, 2012

#312 ~ H&M Order

H&M started a sale today. And as the impulsive person that I can be, I ordered. I worked very hard this weekend, so I thought I deserved it.

I chose these shoes first, they were very cheap on sale and they are really interesting. I will see how they look on me, they sure are cool. I love the brogue look that it has, and the thick heel is probably quite comfy!
Then I chose a hoodie, because they are comfy and I'm the kind of girl who get's home and changes into pajamas. H&M hoodies are nice and I liked this light beige color.
Then two pairs of pants, dark red skinnies and some grey glittery(yes glittery) treggings. Again, gonna have to try them on.
The circle scarf was only €3 so I couldn't leave it there, I can never have enough scarves.
And lastly this green blouse. I love this color, and the shape and everything is so cool!



  1. Li-la-love the shoes! :)


  2. oh I love those shoes but they don't appear anymore on their website... wish they were still for sale, I'd buy them!!


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