May 12, 2013

NEW IN Vacation Finds

Well, vacation always leads to shopping with me, there is something so exciting about going to stores in a foreign country that you don't have at home!
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In Kopehagen I got the PERFECT VINTAGE LEVI'S DENIM JACKET. Yes. There you have it, my new love. I bought it at Wasteland, which was an awesome vintage store. They had the b├ęst stuff but it was a bit expensive so I only took the jacket.
I got the flowered top from Topshop, just as the lace booties, which you have seen in a few outfits already. I love those! They were on my wishlist for quite sometime, but I had given up because I couldn't find the perfect ones for the price I was willing to pay but now I've got a pair!
And lastly, I bought this book from Urban Outfitters, Blog Inc. I haven't started reading it yet but I'm sure I will love it, all tips and tricks on blogging, very cool!

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 photo DSC_1106-2_zps0bfbd5cd.jpg
 photo DSC_1109-1_zps00ab5a87.jpg
While visiting my grandparents in a foreign country, we went to a mall where I got these items, a cat tee, which is very 'out there' but I love it. I also got a very relaxed top from NewYorker, it has a hoody and has a loose cropped fit, and with that I got two bandeaus, a black and white one, which are my essentials now that summertime is coming!
I hope you liked my purchases, have you bought anything lately?



  1. Wat een leuke aankopen heb je gedaan! Ik vind vooral dat witte shirt er leuk uit zien!

  2. Leuke aankopen en dat boekje ziet er inderdaad wel echt heel leuk uit! zou ik ook wel eens willen lezen!


  3. is dat kat shirtje van de new yorker? ohh echt leuke items !

    1. Nee, die is van een winkel genaamd Cropp!

  4. cute outfit ;)

    visit me :

  5. Wat een leuke aankopen. Liefs

  6. Die bandeaus zijn leuk, en dat spijkerjasje ook . x


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