May 2, 2013

OUTFIT Kopenhagen City Streets

A layered look for a long day of walking. You also saw this lace top in a 'shopping' post earlier. This top is already a favorite of mine, it's so feminine but also a bit bohemien. I can definetely see myself wearing it in the summer with a bandeau underneath and some high waisted shorts or a skirt and calling it a day.
My mom told me I looked like I belonged here, in Kopenhagen. So sweet :)
 photo DSC_1099-3_zps3d2c649d.jpg
 photo DSC_1101_zps55e6b377.jpg
 photo DSC_1111-1_zps226edd11.jpg
 photo DSC_1117-1_zps1f0f64ce.jpg
 photo collagekopenhagenbluelace_zps0f74d094.jpg
top - H&M, cardigan - thriftshop, skirt - H&M, shoes - topshop, backpack - thriftshop, leather jacket - forever21


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  1. I love this outfit!! Simple colours yet looks so girly at the same time <3 <3


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