May 1, 2014

What's in my bag?

Since haven't updated my blog a lot last month, I thought, why not do a post with a little extra something. I made a little gif for you guys!
I came to this idea when I got this new bag. It's a vintage leather backpack and I think it's adorable. So why not show you what I carry around in it while I'm at it?

The great thing about this bag: it's just big enough to fit all my belongings and it's just small enough so that I don't bring a lot of crap I don't need. Ofcourse I need my phone, and I also carry around my earphones with it (forgot to photograph those). Than I have my etui from Brandy Melville, my notebook, which is VERY important. I gotta doodle. Ofcourse a wallet and my sunglasses now that the weather it starting to get sunny.

And lastly, the inside of my wallet. Funny enough I always have a lot of things in my wallet, EXCEPT money.
Traintickets, gotta love the NS (my Dutch followers now what I mean), a cute sticker (among others), the BEST birthdaycard I ever got and my one dollar that I kept from the New York trip two years ago.

I try to keep my bag as light as possible, but it won't always be this neat, I always have wrappers of food or other random things like pens, receipts, waterbottles and what not. I hope you liked it!

 photo daisies_rij_zps611861e9.jpg


  1. I love this blogpost and the gif!

  2. Super leuk gemaakt en bewerkt de foto's! Die gif is echt heel leuk :) Ik heb ook vrijwel veel in mn portemonnee behalve geld, toch een beetje jammer..


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