April 23, 2012

#193 ~ Flowing skirts and bad hairdays

My outfit for today! Even though I'm typing this wearing my old jeans, a simple top, a hoody and a beanie, I'm still loving this! But the sad part is that my tights are screwed up, so I got to buy new ones. I'm not great with tights, they always 'break' (ladders?). But because I love my dotted tights so much I just didn't care and still wore them :). Oh and a beanie for bad hairdays..

skirt - H&M, mint top - bershka, scarf - old from grandma, belt - from my aunt, cardigan - H&M, dotted tights - primark, beanie - from my dad, ring - lucardi, shoes - makro

For the rest of my outfit I tried to keep it simple, just a small print in my scarf to add some extra color. The sun was shining today and at the and of the week the weather will get better. Buttttt that doesn't really matter to me because my then I'll be with my family in Slovakia! :D


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