June 11, 2013

SHOPPING Oh Jeffrey..

You are not going to believe what I got yesterday.. Well first of all, I had my client presentation at school. It all went very well and they loved my portfolio and my style and thought I was great for Graphic Design, so I'm superstoked! I got through my first year of college and now I can finally do the thing I love the most.
So Lauren and I went to town and we went to a store called HypeBazaar which had this HUGE sale because they were going away. Everything 50% off and I knew they had Jeffrey Campbell. YES GUYS. I GOT LITA'S. I was doubting, should I get them, should I not get them, aren't they too expensive? But I thought: **** that, I'm going to treat myself. SO I GOT THEM.
 photo DSC_0156_zpsd2f5705c.jpg
 photo DSC_0155-1_zpsdb62fe43.jpg
 photo DSC_0157_zpsc9207cc0.jpg
 photo DSC_0162_zps7bacb625.jpg
They are the Lita's in Taupe, the one I originally wanted, in my size, the last ones! I love love love them, I wanted them for so long!

I wore them today, just around the house, and they are quite comfy, at least for such high heals they are.. I still have to get used to being supertall haha!
 photo DSC_0174-1_zps76b3b5be.jpg
 photo DSC_0178-2_zpsc05fa1c5.jpg
 photo DSC_0164_zps84c02cb6.jpg
top - H&M, jeans - pull&bear, shoes - jeffrey campbell


  1. Ooh die zijn inderdaad mooi! Wat cool dat het allemaal zo goed ging. :)

  2. they are gorgeous! There is nothing better then getting the perfect shoes for a lot off ;P I really want a pair of Litas!

  3. Ze zijn echt héél gaaf! Die kleur is ook echt heel mooi!


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