August 3, 2013

Favorite Moments of JULY

Another Favorite Moments of.. post. A monthly instagram update, a bit later than usual since I was away for a week! My parents have a group of friends and every other year they, and their children, go to Friesland to sail. It was an amazing week, which I will tell you more of in another post.
July was a warm month, and I have to say.. I didn't do much. Mostly work, and every now and than I met with friends and went swimming or something, but hey, isn't that this thing called summer?
 photo collagejuly_zpsc2d8c208.jpg
lovely blouse from eva - walking home - c'est moi avec toi tank! - drawing inspired by lovely song lyrics by demi
hello sunshine - chucksss - bus ride late at night after a great friends day - SEA
lovely lauren - stop overthinking - goodmorning with a bow - vanilla and mint
I just don't know. meh. - HOLIDAY sailing in friesland - poofy hair after getting of the boat - packing again, DON'T WANT TO LEAVE


  1. Awh super lief Natas! Leuke foto's ook maar die kende ik natuurlijk van Instagram ;)

    Love, Demi


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