August 6, 2013

MUSIC My Favorite Musicians

Music is a huge part of life. I've been getting more into music about four years ago. Before that I would just listen to the popular music, just about anything really. But now I have little bit more particular taste, notice the little, because I still like A LOT. Let's here some.

Will And The People
Cars, Masterpiece, Salamander

The Scientist, Paradise, Yellow

Carry On, Why Am I The One, One Foot

Lianne La Havas
Age, Forget, Au Cinéma

Mozes And The Firstborn
I Got Skills, Peter Jr, Burn Burn Burn

San Cisco
Awkward, Wild Things, Beach

Scouting For Girls
She's So Lovely, Rains in LA, Keep on Walking

This is a selection of my favorite artists. Will and The People is just love. I saw them about three times and they are amazing. They just don't care and want to make music and have fun and be happy, it's the spirit.
Coldplay is that one band that will always be one my favorites. They were the one on my bucketlist to see live, and I did, and it was magical. Chris Martin's voice is so beautiful.
FUN. is a band I got to know not so long ago. But after three songs and some videoclips, I was in. Their songs tell such a story to me, and I can't get over Nate's voice.
Lianne La Havas, I already told you about her, what more can I say than gorgeous?
MOZES AND THE FIRSTBORN. Have known them for a little while now, I love their sound and they are great live. SKILLS!
San Cisco is a band that I find quite special, with Scarlett drumming and singing. They have this softness about them, I can't really explain it, but their songs are so free and young, also a bit different.
And last but not least, Scouting for Girls. My first ever concert was theirs, so they will always be special to me! Their songs are so catchy and fun.

Who is your favorite artist? Ok, name more, because I definetely couldn't pick one. I will show you more music stuff from now on!

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  1. passenger, ed sheeran, john mayer, norah jones, gabrielle aplin, jack johnson, the beatles, aretha franklin, ben howard, birdy, mumford & sons, the lumineers


    ga maar luisteren :)


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