September 5, 2013

MUSIC Pleinpop

I went to Pleinpop last weekend. It was AMAZING. Which I partially did not expect because I thought it would be pretty small, and it was actually even smaller than I imagined. But that doesn't mean that it can't be good, because it was SO GOOD! I already knew that a little bit because I was going to see a band from a friend of mine, Valour Up Twice, and I knew they are very good. So that part was expected to be great, but the rest was so amazing too! I loved every band, the people were nice, the entire vibe was great. There was even a store where you didn't buy clothes but you traded them, so I traded my crappy raincoat for a really nice dress.
This is the outfit I wore that day, shorts and a simple crop top. Scarf and belt to be my accessories and a backpack for my belongings. Sometimes simplicity is best!
 photo DSC_4444_1_zps8df33061.jpg
 photo DSC_4445_1_zpse1d71754.jpg

Oh and, do check out Valour Up Twice, they have a new album now 'Kill Your Darlings' and you just HAVE to listen to it. They are available on iTunes I believe so.. DO IT NOW. I love the album, my favorite song has to be 'From Grace', such a beautiful song.

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  1. Leuke foto's ! Ik kende die muziek nog niet, ik ga even luisteren :)


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