September 4, 2014


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chords book - cactus that I got from the lovely lauren - piet heijn eek mug, mozes and the firstborn LP, the beatles LP, afterpartees single

I got a request for a roomtour a few weeks ago. At that time I thought, yes, I would love to do one. But.. I'm moving out of this room soon, so why not do a roomtour of my new room? My room in England!

I've been living here for almost two weeks now (if you can read Dutch and you would like to know more about my adventures, click here, I set up a new blog for that) and I really like my room. It's not big, but I like the cozyness it has. When I came here it was really plain so I had the chance to add all my little things to give it more character. I feel at home in this room. The shelf (which is actually the top of a fireplace) above is my favorite little area.
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  1. Ik vind je kamer ontzettend gaaf :)! Een beetje een vintage-achtige uitstraling, daar hou ik wel van!

  2. Je kamer ziet er zo knus uit! Echt mijn stijl ♥


  3. ik vind dit zo cool!
    heb je instagram :)

    1. Wat lief!
      En ja, die heb ik! Mijn instagram is natasjabokkerink :)



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