December 2, 2014

Manchester Shopping Bits

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light wash mom jeans, high waisted denim skirt - vintage, the perks of being a wallflower, lacey stuff - urban outfitters, 
big coat - urban outfitters

So I haven't been posting on this blog for about two months.. I think this is my longest break yet! I've been superbusy with my life in England now. Working fulltime is pretty tiring and takes up a lot of my time. I have been posting on my Dutch blog though, just stories about my adventures here, so click here if you want to take a look at that (and if you already have, thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed it).

I haven't been shopping a lot here and I have been in a bit of a rut lately about fashion and whatever. I don't have a lot of clothes here and I keep getting bored of everything I own. So when my mom told me she was visiting Manchester I couldn't wait to get over there to get some mumlove and do some shopping together. We had such a nice time and I fell in love with Manchester. It's such a cool place, very artsy. Which means lots of vintage shops and recordstores. I got some lovely pieces like a new warm wintercoat, with a tartanprint like I wanted and it even has a lammy collar. Also bought some nice denim pieces at a vintage shop and some lace things from Urban Outfitters.

Again, sorry for not posting for so long, I'll try to post a little more but it's just difficult while working the entire week, and getting home when it's already dark outside and stuff. But whenever I can squeeze something in I will!

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