April 28, 2012

#198 ~ PACKING

Yessss going on vacation to my family tomorrow! Excited! This is what I'm taking with me when talking about clothes and accessories and things like that.

dresses: thrifted, H&M   blouses: H&M, thrifted   belts: grandpa, primark, unknown   tops: C&A, review, H&M   pants: primark, thrifted   shoes: H&M, wehkamp   skirts: made by me, H&M   scarves: thrifted, thrifted, H&M   knits: H&M, nafnaf, H&M   bag: thrifted   skincare/makeup and stuff   accessories: H&M, thrifted, ebay, lucardi

I'm SUCH an overpacker. I always take waaaay to much with me. I mean, what I have here is for one week, and this isn't even everything because I didn't take pictures of the basic tops and stuff like that. I always feel like I NEED options, choice, diversity, everything.
My dream is having a bag like Hermoine has. Or well, that she can put that spell on my bag so I can just put everything I want in there (Harry Potter nerd.. yeah.. I like it okay).

Wellll I'm still not done packing, I have to do a lot!


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