May 1, 2012

#199 ~ Pieces of my life

Yeeeeha, new Instragram pics! Warning, loaddsss of food pictures. I don't know why I take so many pictures of my food, but I guess that when I'm eating, I'm just like 'Hey world, look what I'm eating, it's AWESOME!'. Or I've got a little obsession with food... Well, enjoy.
So first food pic, this is foccacia with cheese and chili sauce, just grilled it in the oven and tadaaa, very delicious sandwich thingy!
Yep, riding my bike, something I do everyday when I go to school. It's funny to think that in most countries, it's not something people do everyday, they do it more as a sport. Here in the Netherlands it's an everyday acitivity :)
Sunnn and nice socks, can it get any better?
YAY, Go Back To The Zoo concert! They were soooooo good, and I also really liked the band that 'opened' the concert (voorprogramma?) Mozes and The Firstborn. Check them out! :)
Having scones for Easter
The welcome committee!
Hi again.
Coconutmacaroons, yummmmmmmmmmm.
Made my wentelteefjes, or french toast or whatever it's called. I failed because my second one fell apart completely but they were still delicious!
Wow, hail.. My window was full of ice!
Featherssss, you will see something with these soon so stay tuned! :)
The big ass cake my dear friend Jette made for me because I got accepted at Sint Lucas.
So I did my friend Romy's hair, she has such long and pretty hair (she dyes (dies? dys?) it with henna, and it gives her hair this stunning red glow).
Got new guitar tuning thingies, mine broke when a friend and I replaced my old strings. These brown ones are so much better!
Oreo cookie inside of a chocolate chip cookie. A-MA-ZING.
Jette picked me up to go to our local thriftstore as you could read in another post, and I got a bag full, click here if you wanted to see what I got exactly.
Finished my skirt finally, click here for the outfit post :).
Best combo so far, sweatpants with my promheels and a white blouse plus a leopard scarf. Hell yeah.
And on vacation! We had to cross a river to get to Slovakia so we went with a ferry, which is fun!
I have to study in the morning for my final exams and my best friend Rocky is keeping me company!

Felix the cat is very, very, very, very weird.
Don't know why I was drinking hot chocolate when it was about 29 degrees celcious outside, but I did. It was nice.
Bare legs at 18:30, still outside! I love summery weather, eventhough today was a bit much maybe, but hey can't complain.
Owhhh, and Rocky again, he was very tired! Cute dog :)


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  1. Great photos, your pets are adorable, and your braid is amazing! :) ♥


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