July 7, 2012


I made a new wishlist, I always pick up things while browsing through different blogs and this is what I made out of it. And and by the way, while you read this, I'm in NY!:)

1. Fancy skirts. I want more fancy skirts that I can easily combine with something casual. I have some A-line skirts, but they're a jersey material and I want something more dressy.
2. Basic tops, I've been loving them, and I want more. Especially roomy, oversized ones, of a thin material.
3. Printed jeans, I did not like them at first, but now I've seen some people wear them and I think I quite like it, so a floral or leopardprint one is on my list!
4. Floral, blouse, sheer, do I need to say more?
5. A satchel! I want one of really great quality so I can use it for school maybe, or one that I can use as a backpack as well.


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  1. Great wishlist! Just having all of those items would make a great number of outfits. Perfect for a trip!


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