February 2, 2014

December and January 2013 - 2014

Caught a guitarpic at a Will and the People gig.. Sorry for being a fangirl 
Christmas pyjamas at christmasmorning, lovely 
Tooooo many daisies on my new blouse!

Working very hard on a schoolproject: presenting myself as a graphic designer!
Fake flowers in my cotton bag, doesn't this look romantic?
Aaaaand just when you're done working, you want to go home (and being Dutch, I ride a bike) and your bike is like: nope, you're not going ANYWHERE. Shit.

The hero of all. Damien Rice. I watched the whole Best Kept Secret concert again. Goosebumps.
So he inspired me, I'm playing guitar again, I'm still slow but I'm an eager learner. 
PUPPY TIME. So small. Sooooo small.

This cute book is a dictionary for fonts. Yep. You can look up a font. My teachers can recognize fonts without. Typography is a wonderful thing..
Wearing my fav jumpsuit on a great day, while waiting for the bus. 
This was today: Vintage per kilo sale! My friends and I had a lovely afternoon, encountering a lot of clothing racks, piles of scarves and trying on a LOT. Making decisions.. Doubts.. but the outcome is great!

 photo daisies_rij_zps611861e9.jpg


  1. Supermooie foto's! :D Ik vind je madeliefjes blousje zo leuk! Liefs

  2. Leuke foto's! En leuk om het er zo bij te lezen :) Gave jumpsuit!!


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